Professional Course Instructors

UCMAS promotes its program through its dedicated Course Instructors specially trained and certified by its Malaysian principals.

UCMAS Examination Achievement Milestone

UCMAS International Proficiency Grading – Twice a Year
UCMAS National Competition – Once a Year
UCMAS International Competition – Once a Year
UCMAS Graduation Ceremony – Once a year

Six Finger Technique

UCMAS is the only Abacus program to implement SIX Finger technique for computation on Abacus


Learners of UCMAS gradually become better at: COMIC JARS
C oncentration
O bservation
M emory
I magination
C reativity
J udgement
A pplication
R easoning
S elf-confidence

An Innovative Education With A Global Presence

We have a global network consisting of more than 80 Countries