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UCMAS stands for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. UCMAS is not just a math program. UCMAS is a scientifically proven mental development program designed for children to develop their latent mental power at early age.

The UCMAS Mental Arithmetic trains children in an unique way in developing their intellect. According to the studies, it is reported that the development and growth of a child is the highest in the early years. Enrolling your kid in the UCMAS program at an early age is beneficial in many ways.

UCMAS enhances creativity and imagination, thus engaging the right side of the brain. The program also enhances observation and memory skills to understand logically and analyse the situation, strongly engaging left side of brain. UCMAS not only leads to greater student proficiency and confidence in mathematics, it also builds the framework for children to develop fundamental learning skills essential to actively succeed in school and in every avenue of their daily life and to inspire them to achieve greatness.

Our holistic development program builds foundational techniques that make learning math, effortless and enjoyable . UCMAS program imparts self-discipline and promotes the joy of lifelong learning and self -discovery.