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6 to 14 years:

  • Level 1 (3 months)
  • Level 2 (3 months)


  • Studying various art themes and techniques Areas of learning
  • expansion of ideas, compositions, Drawing & coloring techniques using art medium Colour Pencils and Oil Pastels.
  • Toning; Merging: Layering and blending of colors; Scrubbing technique.
  • The technique of highlighting to give 3D effect and cast a shadow; 2 Dimensional (2D) Imaging.
  • Create Volume and bring images to life.

Craft Activity:

  • Simple paper craft
  • Clay modeling – creating basic shapes and characters
  • Level 3 (3 months)
  • Level 4 (3 months)


Areas of learning – expansion of ideas, compositions, Drawing & coloring techniques using art medium – Poster colors/ Color pencils & Oil Pastels.

  • Brush handling technique – line rendering technique.
  • Merging, shading, and color mixing techniques – a color sense.
  • Poster color Part by part painting, Merging shading and color mixing techniques & handling brushes.
  • Color the background light to dark.
  • Color from light to medium to dark overlapping; scrap to create patterns to create swirl/lines effect.
  • Batik Painting – (mixing the colors and handling the brush).

Batik Painting / Clay modeling – Creating basic shapes and characters.

  • Level 5 (3 Months)
  • Level 6 (3 Months)
  • Level 7 (3 Months)

Water Colour Painting:

  • Basic Water Colour Theory.
  • Tone variations.
  • Warm and Cool colours, Balance of colour compositions.
  • Merging/ Shading, colour mixing, Spreading techniques & creative background.
  • Level 8 (4 Months)
  • Level 9 (4 Months)



Enhance your visualization skills through the creative composition of sketches & drawing to the quality of lines & tonal values, learn the key steps & techniques in realizing your still life, portraits & human features studies. Learning – Drawing through the exploration into lines, shapes, forms & perspective drawing, simple composition drawings using a variety of strokes & tones.

Canvas Painting:

  1. Acrylic Painting: Landscape, Still Life model & Portrait.
  2. Portrait Drawing & Shading.
  3. Human full figure, drawing & shading.

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Our son, 13 year old Yash Susanna Bandary has been in the abacus UCMAS class for 3 full semesters. His progress in this short time has more than exceeded our expectations. It was a joy to watch my son’s self-confidence grow with his new found intellect. He became very proud of himself and his own accomplishments from week to week.

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I am an extremely satisfied parent with the UCMAS programme. We have definitely seen tremendous improvement in him. UCMAS has contributed immensely in developing his arithmetic skills, focus and concentration.  We never had to force our child for UCMAS. He just loves the program and his instructor. The credit for motivating and helping children in a friendly manner goes to

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D2 – UCMAS Bur Dubai, Dubai. We enrolled Ahvni Hegde in UCMAS Bur Dubai branch as I was always aware that this can change the way the kids perceive Math as a subject! I wanted that fear to get out of her! Younger the better I feel! Now that she has finished 3 levels, she is much more confident in

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My special thanks to the course instructors for the early stage mentoring and for directing my child’s career towards the success path. The instructor’s patience and encouragement has enabled her to reach the final level in UCMAS. Thank you for all the support and continue the same in future by rising more stars.

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