An international Art Program Where Art meets logic

UC Dino Art

  • Art is communication
  • Art is self expression
  • Art is creative Energy
  • Art is seeing

Art is important for children especially during their early development.
Researching shows that art activities develop brain capacity in early childhood.
In other words, art is good brain food!
Art engages children’s senses in openended Play & develops cognitive social-emotional & Multi-sensory skills.
As children progress into elementary school & beyond, art continues to provide opportunities For brain development mastery, self-esteem & creativity.

Art is a language

A picture is often worth a thousand Words, visual images communicate Emotions & complexities that words Cannot, Art is a powerful tool that Gives children the ability to express Their thoughts and emotions long Before they can fully express themselves With words.
Art is a means of communicating ideas, Feelings & solutions in a way other than verbally Or written.

Creativity & Art are vital in Child Development & Communication.

As General Guide, children At Age 5 To 6 Is An Ideal age to develop creativity &
Artistry as they are not Conditioned in logical thinking at this Stage & their fine motors skills are Developing fast, Of course it is never Too late for any child to be exposed or Trained at any age, Even adult can “re-learn this artistic and creative ability.

Art education can help develop

  • Imagination
  • Cognitive skills
  • Creative abilities
  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skill
  • Language
  • Social skills
  • Sense of time & place
  • Focusing
  • Listening
  • Risk taking
  • Tolerance
  • Uniqueness

And more…

Art education can play a major role in a Child’s academic & social development

What is Dino Art?

Dino art is an international art Program which is a product of UCMAS global education. Pioneers In skill development program

Dino Art program

  • Comprehensive & systematic way Of inducting ‘practicing & training.
  • Unleashes hidden potential of creativity
  • Mental training of senses
  • Initiates elements which Constitute intelligence like observation’
    Memory & process of concept formation
  • Induces training of abstract thinking. Imagination & creativity.
  • Enhanced dexterity of hand with improved Hand eye coordination.
  • Systematically planned text books with Gradual progress of difficulty level.
  • The development of both hemispheres of the brain
  • Certified & trained course instructors


This programme is recognized by saito Academy as a complete art learning
Programme suitable for young children Primary & secondary students, upon the
Completion of dino art, a certificate would Be awarded that is jointly issued by:

  • Academy
  • Saito International Magic society
  • Batik Drawing corporation

For more information please contact:

800 22 22 87