Competition, Championship or Tournament whatever one names it, in every form promotes an air of excitement, readiness, desire and above all perseverance and effort.
A spirit of competition teaches children the importance of taking a healthy risk instead of being confined in the comfort zone of activities that they are already competent with. Taking risks such as participating in competitions or learning new skill helps build the self-confidence of children.
Apart from boosting a children’s morale, competitons add to their repertoire of accomplishments giving them the extra edge demanded in today’s ambitious world.
At UCMAS UAE we constantly strive hard towards helping our students acquire speed and accuracy in their mental arithmetic skills. The National Competition is our way of giving them the opportunity to showcase their acquired skills.
UCMAS UAE has been conducting Competitions on a National Level and International level every year. This year we are proud to bring you the UCMAS Online National Competition on 21st May 2022. Undaunted by the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, the UCMAS UAE team has worked hard to create a virtual platform for children to showcase their mental artithmetic and abacus calculation skills.
We are overwhelmed by the positive response from all our students and are eagerly looking forward to see them competing. Their enthusiasm and excitement, irrespective of winning or losing, endorses the success of UCMAS UAE .