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Mental arithmetic is the vital maths skill of doing calculations mentally, without using any tools, such as a pen and paper or calculator! Mental arithmetic develops an understanding of the mathematical methods, rather than just doing calculations through a process of memorization. Mental arithmetic can seem quite scary, but with practice you can use mental maths techniques to break a difficult problem down into simpler one.

At UCMAS students use the Abacus and mental arithmetic to boost their brainpower.
Students learn to manipulate the beads of the Abacus to perform mental arithmetic calculations such as subtraction, addition and other calculations, which involve using specific techniques for solving of problems. Once students become comfortable with Abacus, they are trained to visualize the Abacus and ‘picture’ the beads moving as they swiftly solve problems in their mind. This emphasis on photographic memory makes the UCMAS approach unique.

The UCMAS methods of learning and holistic brain development, improves focus, alertness, memory power, creativity & problem-solving skills which promotes faster and accurate calculations. Manipulating the beads of the Abacus helps children develop an ease with numbers and gives them a new perspective on how math works.

There is no wizardry involved, it is just a matter of learning and practice. Explore the UCMAS way of learning and get rid of your child’s fear of mathematics for a lifetime!