UCMAS is an international mental skill development program that spans five continents in more than 54 countries. Each year, a country gains the right to host the annual UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic International Competition. Students from across the globe participate in this competition and UCMAS UAE has been consistently participating and winning in several categories. Year after year our students have shown their mental prowess in the competition acquiring worldwide recognition for UCMAS UAE.

UCMAS has benefited more than 2.5 million children around the world and the advantages of our technique has been proved by numerous white papers and scientific research. The International competition further motivates students and drives them to put forth their best effort. It sparks interest, passion and ignites a fire within to excel.

Participating at a global level can be a daunting task for anyone especially a child. The International Competition also serves as safe platform for all young geniuses to overcome any anxieties they may have and prove their mental calculating skills. The only way to win is through consistent practice – which is the building block of the UCMAS as a skill development program.

Any healthy competition requires teamwork and positive participation. UCMAS participants are encouraged to improve themselves and learn a new technique. The UCMAS International Competition serves as a chance for students to learn the value of hard work, persistence and grit while displaying good sportsmanship. Winning and recognition is just an added bonus.

In addition, the International Competition can be seen as a measure of the standard of training given by each country. The results give an insight into each country’s performance and provide the roadmap they need to implement measures to improve themselves.
Irrespective of whether they win or not, all participants acquire a rich meaningful experience and everlasting memories motivating them to face the challenge again the next year.