Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of UCMAS program?

UCMAS Mental Math Programme promotes the holistic brain development for children i.e. to train them to use both sides of their brain without which we tend to be either left -brain or right-brain dominant.

UCMAS capitalizes the brain to its full potential, equipping children with foundational skills like concentration, memory, logic, listening, visual, analysis, judgment, etc., thus, preparing them to be
highly competent in all spheres of life. It is a valuable everlasting gift from a parent to a child!

Is UCMAS a mental math program?

UCMAS trains the child to understand the concept of arithmetical operations with the six finger technique using the Abacus tool. As the levels progress they are skilled to visualize the abacus and excel in Mental Math.

What is the duration of UCMAS program?

UCMAS Programme consists of 8 Levels; each Level comprising of 3 months. Classes are held for 2 hours per week. After every 3 months, a grading exam is conducted to test if the student has understood the concepts and qualifies to proceed to the next level. All children below the age of 7 years enrols to the Junior 1 level and children from 7 – 13 years of age are enrolled into the Basic Level. Upon completion of all levels i.e. approximately 2 to 2.5 years, the student earns a UCMAS Graduation Certificate.

At what age can I register my child?

You can register your child if he /she is within the age of 5 and 14 years i.e. the formative years capable of writing and reciting 1 to 10 capable of understanding instructions, can write simple words, communicate to basic questions and respond to simple sentences.

The younger the child, better the efficiency of the program.

Will UCMAS help my child in academics?

A 100% yes!

UCMAS children enjoy a greater concentration and a powerful memory. They have a sharp growth in their observation, grasping and retention abilities. As a result, they acquire better results with less effort.

Especially talking about academics, children enjoy the UCMAS experience. There is no more hard work, it is just smart work. Kids spend less time but produce good results. Low achievers become high achievers. They have new confidence and belief system which helps them identify the leader in them!

UCMAS makes and treats your child as a leader and not as a follower!

Will this program conflict with the school methods?

UCMAS is a skill development program and not math tuition.

What will be my role as a parent?

UCMAS encourages parents to participate in the orientation at the start of the program which helps parents to understand the program and support their children to get the best out of this program.

UCMAS encourages regular interaction with the course instructor to check your child's performance. At the end of every level, the instructor will meet with you to provide an update of the previous level and guidelines to assist your child in the next level.
To achieve the best output from this program, the parent should ensure 100% attendance for UCMAS classes, participation in the National & International competitions and encourage the child to develop the skills through UCMAS to groom them for their future.

Will my child get individual attention?

Individual attention is actually embedded in the UCMAS Curriculum. The batch size is limited to a maximum of 15 children to ensure every child receives individual observation and feedback from the Instructor. We also offer additional classes, if required, to help the child understand the concepts.

Can I transfer my child to some other UCMAS Center?

Yes, of course! You may transfer your child from one UCMAS center to another UCMAS center under valid circumstances such as change of residence or relocation to other emirate, etc. All you need to do is obtain a ‘Transfer Certificate’ from your current center and present it to the new center.

If you are leaving the UAE, you can request a transfer to the new country of residence, provided we have a UCMAS franchisee there. (Note: UCMAS has its presence in over 80 countries)

How can my child get the best out of UCMAS?

UCMAS is a Skill Development Programme and ‘Daily Practice’ is required to ace the skill. It is mandatory that your child does 15 minutes of UCMAS practice every day at home, apart from attending the UCMAS class for 2 hours every week. Certain UCMAS exercises and activities are provided by the instructor to be carried out on a daily basis.