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Learning is a complicated concept in itself. Every kid learns differently. We like to believe that every child has his own learning journey. UCMAS technique trains students to develop their brain and gives them a unique way to do fast calculations. Students are trained using the finger technique and formulas with which they work on the book pages using the physical as well as visual abacus.

The 2-hour classroom is divided into different fun activities using flash cards, numbers and listening exercises. Here are some of the tools for UCMAS classes.

Magical Abacus

For UCMAS holistic brain development classes, abacus is the central tool used and the finger movements performed on the abacus for arithmetic operations activates the nervous system. It facilitates tactile learning and builds a connection between fingers and the brain which helps in brain stimulation and coordination.

Flash Cards: A Flash of Brilliance

Activities are done with flash cards flashing the bead image or numbers. This helps to trigger and improve visual learning skills & building mathematical concepts in children.

Power of Visualization

The use of mental abacus helps students boost their memory power through visualization by holding numbers in their mind and performing fast calculations.

Amazing Speed Writing

Students recognize, listen and write numbers in different ways by doing speed writing. Speed training encourages children to listen attentively and respond to questions quickly, sharpening their focus & concentration.

UCMAS provides an enriching learning experience for students and helps in developing lifelong skills which will help them in every walk of life. Through our holistic brain development program, students learn techniques which will stay with them long after they’ve completed the program.