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Abacus is an exciting and effective way to teach quick calculations and arithmetic to kids, along with the development of their senses.
Through UCMAS, children learn to use the beads of abacus to perform arithmetic calculations such as addition and division, faster than a calculator.

There is no doubt that abacus is a magical tool for kids! Not only does it improve a child’s arithmetic skills but it also helps in developing memory power in children. By stimulating the brain with mental arithmetic, and in combination with the alertness of the eyes, ears and hands, the ability to store and recall information is developed. When asked to perform calculations, children can quickly do it mentally as they can visualize numbers and perform mathematical operations in their mind. They are able to breakdown complex problems into simple calculations using the beads of abacus. Kids develop better memory retention, visualization power and problem-solving skills by using the abacus, and arithmetic becomes easier along with an improved performance in school academics.

Abacus is not limited to mathematics. It goes beyond and improves the child’s cognitive skills like concentration, creativity, self- confidence and multitasking ability which together is crucial to a child’s success in academics and beyond

Abacus for kids is a great way to make their math skills accurate and faster. UCMAS is the global leader in abacus education that can kick- start your child’s journey towards lifelong success in a fun and engaging way.