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Let your child continue learning, even after the bell rings! If you are concerned about your child’s academic performance after school hours and if you want them to learn a life time skill, UCMAS whole brain development program is the perfect after school program for your child. Whatever the reason may be, a good afterschool program can expose children to new interests and provide an avenue to learn something new.

There are 4 reasons why you should enroll your child in the UCMAS after school learning program:

1.Better Memory Power

The ability to remember quickly and accurately is always important. Doing math in “your head” or mental math requires significant amounts of working memory. Children need to store the information that they have heard, be able to recall and retrieve those facts, and then process the information correctly.

2.Achieve Better Grades

Abacus math programs for kids are known to enhance academic skills, they also promote whole-brain development. During the training, children work with the beads which stimulates acupuncture points on their fingers, that are further connected with various lobes of the brain. Such regular practice sharpens brain functioning. The outcome is brighter kids.

3.Higher Confidence Levels

Learning and self-confidence are correlated. Learning builds confidence in child. UCMAS sharpens the child’s brain, hearing power and boosts their self-confidence. With UCMAS, children become motivated learners as they acquire a unique lifelong skill.

4.Improves Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills play an important role in developing other life skills such as listening and problem-solving skills. UCMAS increase awareness and confidence in children during interactions.

At UCMAS, we incorporate all of these 4 benefits into our abacus math program. Our after-school math program offers an upbeat, productive learning environment and has an excellent proven track record for engaging our students in the wonder of math!