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UCMAS – Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System is the largest worldwide skill development program for children between the ages of 6 and 13. Operational in over 80 countries, UCMAS has trained more than a million students worldwide and about 25000 students across 36 centers in the United Arab Emirates since its inception in 2003.

The UCMAS approach promotes holistic brain development and establishes core skills that greatly enhance the learning experience of the child with the aim of bringing out the best in every child.

Origins of the Program:

The UCMAS – Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System program originated in Malaysia and is now taught in more than 80 countries across the world. UCMAS is focused on producing tangible results, enhancing creativity, concentration and confidence. The UCMAS principal Akademia Sempra & Mental Arithmetic UCMAS Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia is ISO 9001: 2000 certified.UCMAS was introduced in the UAE in 2003 by Mrs. Soundari Raj as a small start-up venture and now it is being taught in over 36 different centers across the UAE.  

UCMAS is one of the many programs promoted by Abacus Quest Point (AQP), a company registered in the UAE and part of ARK Global Venture, a holding company registered in the United Kingdom. Other programs promoted by AQP include UC DinoArt, IKEN Robotica, and Vega math.


The human brain is made of two hemispheres, the right and the left.  The left brain which is associated with logic and analytical processing is well developed in most of the children through the regular school curriculum.  However, the right brain which is the seat of intelligence and which is associated in a large measure to increased learning ability, Concentration, Perceptual capabilities and Imaging skills is not so well developed.

According to scientific studies and research, mental abilities in children must be developed by the age of 12 as Mental growth is most rapid before the age of 12. The degree of mental development achieved by a child during this time has a great influence over his/her future.

UCMAS is a program which aims at developing and exploiting the capabilities of the right brain to the fullest extent possible through mental arithmetic.

The Abacus is used to teach children arithmetic operations of complex numbers. With continued practice, children register the numbers as Images in their right brain. Eventually, they can perform mental mathematics at exceptional speed, faster than that of electronic calculators.

UCMAS training with basic computing, recognition of numbers, images and arithmetic operations improves the skill of:


Analyzing complex arithmetic operations

Mind Mapping

Visualization skill

Listening skill





A little genius resides in every child and all you need is to give the right start for development.  Please contact us and we will help you discover the genius in your little one.

UCMAS Quality

Abacus Quest Point, the National Franchisee for UCMAS in the UAE, is the regulating body in the UAE. It is responsible for maintaining the quality of the UCMAS program with consistent monitoring and incorporating the best practices from across the Globe.

All Course Instructors are trained centrally by Abacus Quest Point and annually assessed through International Grading Examinations and National Level Course Instructor Competitions.  A continuous training process is in place to ensure the quality of instruction of the program is maintained.

All authorized UCMAS centers are obliged to display the Franchisee recognition certificate issued by Abacus Quest Point.  

UCMAS program syllabus is as stipulated by the Head Office in Malaysia.  

On behalf of UCMAS UAE, Abacus Quest Point centrally prints and distributes all UCMAS course material, examination papers, level completion and graduation certificates.

4 to 7 years:

  • Junior 1 Level (3 months)
  • Junior 2 Level (3 months)
  • Junior 3 Level (3 months)
  • Junior 4 Level (3 months)
  • Elementary B Level (4 months)

7 – 13 years:

  • Basic Level (3 months)
  • Elementary A Level (3 months)
  • Elementary B Level (3 months)


  • 34 Technical formulas to apply addition & subtraction of bead movements.
  • Addition / Subtraction – 1 & 2 digits
  • Introduction to Time Tables
  • Basic Fundamental Exercises to revise technical formulas taught.


  • Literacy on physical Abacus
  • Introduction to Visual Abacus (Mental Calculations)
  • Improving Fine Motor skills
  • Improving Visual and Auditory skills

All Age Groups:

  • Intermediate A Level (3 months)
  • Intermediate B Level (3 months)
  • Higher A Level (3 months)


  • Addition / Subtraction – 2, 3 & 4 digits
  • Multiplication – 2 digits x 1 digit , 3 digits x 1 digit, 4 digits x 1 digit and 2 digits x 2 digits
  • Division 3 digits / 1 digit, 4 digits / 1 digit, 5 digits / 1 digit & 4 digits / 1 digit.


  • Stronger and Faster Arithmetic on Physical Abacus
  • Better knowledge of Visual Abacus (Mental Calculations)
  • Better recalling capacity & focus Stimulation of both sides of the brain

All Age Groups:

  • Higher B Level (3 months)
  • Advance Level (3 months)


  • Addition / Subtraction with decimal numbers
  • Multiplication – 2 digits x 2 digits, 3 digits x 2 digits and 4 digits x 2 digits
  • Division – 3 & 4 digits / 2 digits, 3 & 4 digits / 3 digits, 5 digits / 3 digits, 5digits / 2 digits and 5 & 6 digits / 4 digits.
  • Introduction to Order of Operations.
  • Mental Math, De coding, Activities based on arithmetic skills.


  • Advance Basic Arithmetic
  • High-Speed Mental Math
  • Improved Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Increased span of Attention
  • Multi-tasking

All Age Groups:

  • Higher B Level (3 months)
  • Advance Level (3 months)


  • Addition / Subtraction with decimal numbers
  • Multiplication with decimals of higher order numbers
  • Division with decimals of higher order numbers
  • Square roots & Cube roots
  • Percentage application, Interest calculations, BODMAS rule.
  • Mental Maths, Decoding, Activities based on arithmetic skills.


  • Advance Basic Arithmetic
  • High-Speed Mental Math
  • Improved Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Increased span of Attention
  • Multi-tasking.

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Our son, 13 year old Yash Susanna Bandary has been in the abacus UCMAS class for 3 full semesters. His progress in this short time has more than exceeded our expectations. It was a joy to watch my son’s self-confidence grow with his new found intellect. He became very proud of himself and his own accomplishments from week to week.

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I am an extremely satisfied parent with the UCMAS programme. We have definitely seen tremendous improvement in him. UCMAS has contributed immensely in developing his arithmetic skills, focus and concentration.  We never had to force our child for UCMAS. He just loves the program and his instructor. The credit for motivating and helping children in a friendly manner goes to

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D2 – UCMAS Bur Dubai, Dubai. We enrolled Ahvni Hegde in UCMAS Bur Dubai branch as I was always aware that this can change the way the kids perceive Math as a subject! I wanted that fear to get out of her! Younger the better I feel! Now that she has finished 3 levels, she is much more confident in

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My special thanks to the course instructors for the early stage mentoring and for directing my child’s career towards the success path. The instructor’s patience and encouragement has enabled her to reach the final level in UCMAS. Thank you for all the support and continue the same in future by rising more stars.

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