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What prominent educators think about UCMAS!
“The Abacus Mental Arithmetic program can lay a good foundation for proficiency in mathematics as proven by the kids in National as well as International Competition. It would be good to have such program as part of school activity and we are keen to explore such a possibility to enhance our academic performance.
“ I believe parents need to explore child development activities that proactively engage the kids in creative and fruitful pursuits. This is particularly relevant for Arab parent as well”.
Principal of New World Private School, Mahasen Sa’adeh
“The speed, accuracy and mathematical skills of the students are simply unbelievable. It is amazing to see how deft the young ones are with the abacus and how quick the older children are computing complex arithmetic sums through mental ability in seconds. I am truly impressed”.
Principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School, Fujairah, Rev. Father Y Raj

Did you know that UCMAS program was designed by eminent Scholars & Professors to enhance the child’s latent mental power at an early age…?

  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic is adopted in all state run schools in China as part of the curriculum. UCMAS program is currently approved by the Ministry of Education in the countries of Egypt, Malaysia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia and is in the approval process by the ministry in many other countries as well.
  • In the UAE, UCMAS program is awaiting proper recognition by the concerned government authorities and we would like to invite concerned officials to investigate the enormous popularity of this program in the UAE as we currently have more than 4000 students enrolled throughout the country.
  • Currently, the UCMAS program is being conducted in some of the schools in the country as an extracurricular activity. And they witness enormous change in their academic performance every year.
  • The program is well received by the children in primary schools and is essential for the holistic brain development of every student. UCMAS program complements the school curriculum and helps to develop the student’s academic ability along with the school programs.
  • Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program is just not for enhancing the arithmetic skills but also an overall brain development training program. It gives an equal reign to the overall aptitude of the cerebrum where both right and left brain is trained at the communicating and co-operating with each other.
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