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Date: 22nd March 2015 Subject: Quality Initiative – UCMAS UAE

Dear Parents’

Greetings from Abacus Quest Point! – The National Franchisee of UCMAS Global

Firstly, on behalf of all the franchisees and Course Instructors of UCMAS UAE, I thank each and every one of you for entrusting us with the inspiring task of discovering the genius within your child!

As you may be aware, Abacus Quest Point is the regulating body in the UAE for the UCMAS program and responsible for maintaining the program quality by consistently monitoring the program best practices worldwide and incorporating such standards in the UAE. As a result, UCMAS is the most popular skill development program for children in this region. Another major contributing factor to the success of the UCMAS program in the UAE is the positive feedback from many of you and the integral role you have played in spreading the good word about UCMAS.

Not resting on our laurels, we have initiated better quality checks on our franchisees and implementing consistent quality improvements to the program. In this regard, we would like to bring to your attention the following program aspects that affect the quality as this is essentially your right to know being the paying consumer of the UCMAS program.

Information and Quality checks:
1. Insist on Counseling about the program before enrolling your child. All franchisees are required to provide information to parents and advise them on the benefits of the program and how it may meet with their requirements for their child’s education.
2. Enquire about no. of levels and modules in UCMAS program either Abacus Mental Arithmetic or UC Dino Art so a pragmatic outcome for the program completion can be ascertained.
3. Enquire about details of Course Material Fee and Course Fee for the program.
4. Before enrolling, ensure, you are in the Authorized UCMAS Franchisee Center.
5. Likewise, please verify the Course Instructor’s (Abacus/Art Teacher) Level / Course Completion Certificate to ensure you child is being trained by the authorized Course Instructor.
6. Once enrolled, please collect the receipts for the payment and retain them for your records.
7. Please read the terms and condition of the enrolment policies before signing. You must receive a copy of the signed document.
8. Three photograph of your child to be submitted at the time of registration. Two for the registration form and one for the Student Report Book.
9. While collecting the student kit ensure all the materials for the concern level is collected.
10. The kit fee of AED 350/- is collected at the beginning of the Jr. / Basic Stream at the time of registration. The subsequent level book will be given only after the successful completion of Current Level and the level fee.
11. While dropping your child at the center; please ensure he/she reaches the center inside by confirming with the admin in charge.
12. Ensure the books given to your child is of multicolored (not photocopy); we at UCMAS Head Office believe in quality and all the course materials are in multi-color print quality.
13. In case, if you found any of our Center using such materials, kindly inform us and we will take up the matter in confidence.
14. Do interact with the Course Instructor periodically to know about your child’s progress.
15. Ensure your child is doing her/his homework within the time given. And update the same to the Course Instructor.
16. Verify the Course Instructor is correcting the Home Work and Class Work.
17. At the end of every level ensure the Students Report book is duly filled, updated with the levels scoring and given for your signature.
18. Collect the Level Certificate once your child is successfully completed the level with 70% score.
19. Ensure the subsequent level books are received in time and the batch is commenced without any break. This will help the child not to lose the focus and keep them engaged in continuous mental acceleration and enhanced development.
20. Ensure you have been informed periodically about our yearly events in UAE like, UCMAS National Abacus Mental Arithmetic Competition, UCMAS National Listening Competition, UCMAS Abacus & Mental International Competition and UCMAS International Grading Examination which happens twice in year.
21. Ask for the technical details like, Category, Group and which level your child is going to part in these competitions and examination.
22. Ensure the attendance has be marked for your child; this may help your child to earn points required for selecting the student of the year. Please note that this award is currently being developed and not announced officially.
23. The following may be included for the point system for the above mentioned award: a. Parents Orientation b. Parents Meetings c. Student’s Attendance d. Home Work e. Class Work f. Listening Exercise (LE) | Flash Card (FC) | Basic Fingering Exercise (BFE) | Oral Sums (OS) g. Participation in events and competitions (National & International) h. Winner in the events and competitions (National & International) i. Level Completion j. Timely completion of level.
We hope that this information has enlightened you on the quality aspects initiated in all our franchisees to ensure that the UCMAS program remains one of the best child skill development programs in the world.
For further clarifications please do not hesitate to call/ email us. We look forward to serving you better every time.
Soundari Raj
Managing Director