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  • The UCMAS method of improving the child’s memory and speed in thinking rests on the ancient tool – the abacus. For the first six months of the programme the child isfamiliarized and made to operate the abacus. The beads on the abacus represent numbers and the central and the vertical rods provide additional value to the beads.
  • Basically, the movement of the beads towards the central beam on a particular rod forms a picture and simultaneously a mathematical value. This association of the value or amount with the image of the bead formation on the abacus is imprinted in the child’s mind. The key in learning the UCMAS programme lies in practicing on the abacus. Flash cards that are used to enhance the visuals and help the children memorize the pictures. By the end of the programme, all UCMAS students have 450,000 images stored in their memory.
  • Once they perfect their ability to recall these images and convert them into numbers, they are ready to attempt sums mentally with the help of the abacus – and without it after some time. It’s possible to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponents, factors and percentage on the abacus. Another skill which gets honed as children learn the UCMAS programme is using both hands to rapidly work on the beads on the abacus that helps the children to improve their motor skills.
  • Moreover, their skill of picking up the “visual” aspects and processing them improves, while mental math only perks up their concentration and hearing.
  • A tool that was founded 2000 years ago
  • Universally used
  • Used for solving arithmetic operations
  • Manual gadget (does not require any power to operate).
Flash Cards
  • Flash cards are pictorial representations of numbers set on the Abacus
  • Flash cards are used to ascertain the place value. Position of the beads indicates the place value
  • Every place value is an image
  • Through the 8 levels of this program, the child becomes familiar with over half a million such images
  • Concept thinking in pictures helps enhance overall academic proficiency
The Concept Of Image Memory
    • The basic function of Abacus Mental Arithmetic is to turn the numeric concepts from abstract into visible, touchable and moveable beads. When training this technique, ‘Beads Interpretation’ is a process of turning the abstract numeric concept into beads, whilst ‘Number Transformation’ is a process where beads’ image is transformed into number.
    • The purpose of learning Abacus Mental Arithmetic is to evade the usage of abacus during the calculation/reckoning process by simply interpreting the beads in mind. Beads visualization is instructed by the subconscious mind and gradually forms the Image Memory.
      Teachers/parents who apply the UCMAS Flash Cards training method is able to help the children develop their image memory rapidly and easily, hence enable them to store in mind lessons that had been taught. Image Memory training really gives amazing effects to children’s intelligence development.
There are 3 methods of Image Memory training;
    1. Flash training method-Interpreting the beads and numbers simultaneously
    2. Reading training method-Listen and Reckoning
    3. Glancing training method-Glance and Reckoning